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What Happens To a Torn Dollar Bill?

Facts, Figures and other Fascinating Information About Money

So what should you do with a torn dollar bill?

And what should you do with a defective coin?

Dr. Knowledge answers these questions and provides many more fascinating facts in this entertaining book about everyone’s favorite subject—money!

Packed with unusual, amusing and interesting information on everything about how credit cards started to all you should know about Social Security numbers, from the most valuable coin to the youngest person ever to make a million dollars.

Noteworthy quotes are sprinkled throughout the book, too, telling you some of the best things ever said about money.

It’s a book that will give you something to think about the next time you open your wallet! And, a book you’ll talk about with friends and family.

All for only $13.90 including shipping and handling

For an autographed copy, order now!

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