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It's Been Called The Best Trivia Book of All Time... "The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts"

Open "The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts" And Find Out:

Since there’s no ham in hamburgers — why do we call them hamburgers

What are all the many amazing coincidences between the assassinations of Presidents John Kennedy and Abraham Lincoln

Why are police officers called cops

What do the “O” and “K” stand for in the expression “OK”

The incredible fact that three of the first five U.S. presidents all died on July 4th

And much more!


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“The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts”

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Fun as a Party Game, too.
So glad I purchased it.”

“What an amazing collection of facts not found
anywhere else. I simply cannot say enough about
this collection and the variety of subjects.”

“Fascinating is an apt word. Open any page.”

We want to share a nice note from former
U.S. President George W. Bush
who took the
time to write us.

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"The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts" is packed with information that will surprise and challenge — information that entertains, educates, enlightens, and is fun to read. With over 500 interesting stories in easy to access question and answer format, readers can quiz themselves or quiz others, and never be at a loss for an intriguing fact or memorable story. A book all ages love to read.

A Book You Will Treasure!

Price for one book is $19.95 including shipping and handling and we offer discounts for the purchase of two or more books.

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