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Charles Reichblum


The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts Cover

Radio talk show hosts gave Charles Reichblum the nickname “Dr. Knowledge” — an appropriate name for a man who has amassed one of the world’s largest collections of interesting facts and stories over more than 50 years as a journalist. Charles now presents
the best of his formidable collection in this book of all-time fascinating facts.

The All-Time Book of Fascinating Facts is packed with information that will surprise and challenge — information that entertains, educates, enlightens, and is fun to read. With over 500 interesting stories in easy to access question and answer format, readers can quiz themselves or quiz others, and never be at a loss for an intriguing fact or memorable story.

For many years, Charles broadcast the daily “Dr. Knowledge Feature” nationwide on the CBS radio network and also hosted the “Dr. Knowledge Show” on
station KDKA in his hometown of Pittsburgh. He has written 11 Knowledge in a Nutshell® and Dr. Knowledge Presents books, and he won the Freedoms
Foundation Award for his book Greatest Events in American History.

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